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Finally off and almost running

Jacqui WrightComment

I tell you! everything is a process to get an online yarn shop up and running...might of been easier to run the store front lol.

I know everyone has been patiently waiting on everything, and you guys have been ever so patient. For those that know me, you know I am a total wear my heart on my sleeve kind of girl, so not gonna hide the fact I have been hiding.

After the shop closed my life didn't quite take the route I had anticipated and everything from shop closing to finding myself totally on my own again, really threw me into the pit of self discovery and needing to know who I was, what the heck I was doing and where on earth was I going. It was not a pretty journey at first..in fact for anyone who has had this life changing experience..there is a  part of it that is quite ugly..lots of soppy tissues..lots of looking in the mirror and wondering who you were looking at, there was a person looking back at you but you didn't recognize her.

All that being said I knew that if I didn't sort myself and take as much time as I needed to become a healthier me, then I would of been no good to anyone.

I decided to go back to the only place I could of began my self discovery journey, and that was home to Scotland. Not only was it a well needed break but it was life changing for me. There is no place like home no matter where we are.


No Place Like Home

Just God, myself and the beauty of his creation

A few of my special moments from my trip back to Scotland

Time to get down to the lowdown of Lowlander

Lowlander has taken a different direction since my journey of self discovery. My passion is the same but I realize I am only one person. My concentration will be more focused to creating an online shop for you all to shop for beautiful hand dyed yarns, and hand selected yarns, notions, gifts and whatever else comes through the creative process.

My plan for lessons and classes will unfortunately not be a an everyday part, but the positive side is that we will have some impromptu things throughout the year for the knitting and crochet community. I will still be available for private lessons, so if you need some help please email me.

Busy At Work

Now I am back, I have been busy in my dye studio creating for you some really beautiful yarns that are about to be released. My next blog will be to introduce you to the small collection we will be starting out with. I am so excited.

Spring is in the air

Jacqui Wright

Don't you just love Spring? I remember so much when I was a child growing up in Scotland, the first sign of early spring was when the crocus came out in bloom. I would just see a carpet of sweet purple, it was like the earth was just lined with them or it at least seemed like it to a 6 year old. 


Designing is something I am so passionate about and I have been exploring the process of shawl design, which gave me the idea to hold a mini shawl class where we explore some simple shawl constructions where we get to be the designer. I am so excited for this class, still in the planning stage but I am so enjoying working on it and cannot wait to share it in a class.

Spring season in the yarn world can be a time of stress for most yarn shop owners as sales slow a little but I choose to see and look at it a little differently because I think it is time that can be more inspiring, I am inspired to design more in the spring as I feel my creative juices flow more. We are surrounded by so much beauty and the sweet smells of spring, it just creates the perfect environment for creative thinking.