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new year

A New Year

Jacqui WrightComment

Happy New Year to all far and near. Don't you love a brand new year? It feels so crisp and fresh ad so full of possibilities for a brand new start, well it isn't that much different in business..we take a look at a new year with fresh eyes, we approach it as an opportunity to revamp  and restructure everything. We take a look at what worked and what didnt work and we make changes.  We are excited to fulfill some of our goals and ideas, so much buzzing in my head, I must write them  in my note book for when I forget what was buzzing in my head lol. One of my personal knitting resolutions is to finish the mountain of projects I have on my needles. Since owning a yarn shop, there is an abundance of projects waiting to be finished..class samples, yarn swatches, samples for shop floor, new pattern sample that are still in the design phase. " I must, I must decrease my project pile and destash my yarn ..what!!!!! did I actually say destash, I think I did...might need therapy for that one or a whole lot of strong tea.