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Spring is in the air

Jacqui Wright

Don't you just love Spring? I remember so much when I was a child growing up in Scotland, the first sign of early spring was when the crocus came out in bloom. I would just see a carpet of sweet purple, it was like the earth was just lined with them or it at least seemed like it to a 6 year old. 


Designing is something I am so passionate about and I have been exploring the process of shawl design, which gave me the idea to hold a mini shawl class where we explore some simple shawl constructions where we get to be the designer. I am so excited for this class, still in the planning stage but I am so enjoying working on it and cannot wait to share it in a class.

Spring season in the yarn world can be a time of stress for most yarn shop owners as sales slow a little but I choose to see and look at it a little differently because I think it is time that can be more inspiring, I am inspired to design more in the spring as I feel my creative juices flow more. We are surrounded by so much beauty and the sweet smells of spring, it just creates the perfect environment for creative thinking.