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The happenings at LYS

Jacqui WrightComment

Cannot believe our Fall season is almost upon us. We have been super busy working on our social media and linking everything together, that in and of itself is a full time job.

We have also been busy creating, testing, writing and editing our first pattern designs and are so excited to release our first one this month " Design By Imagination".



Excited about first design release!!

We are working on finishing up about five I think, so looking forward to getting them all out there. In here somewhere I have found the time to work on a few knew yarn bases and colorways...cant wait to show you them all. Also been working on our first mini skiens which will come in kit form and with their very own pattern, so as you can see..been busy

Something else we have been working on is our Mini Me Kits. these will be released as soon as our test knitting on our pattern is completed

mini me.jpg

Mini Me



This is our mini skein kits we are working on, super excited to be bringing them to you soon

So as you can see I have been super busy working on several projects, also collaborating with a great crochet designer on designing something in our Silkmere yarn, soooooooooooooo excited about that

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Also a busy mum to four grown up kids and Nana to two beautiful granddaughters. Life is just full of everything at the moment and I love it

Happy Yarning to all