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Meet our "Silkmere" collection

Jacqui WrightComment

I am excited about this exquisite collection. Anything that has silk within it, just makes me so happy. The dye strikes the silk in a different way which just gives this beautiful paler shade of color which blends just beautiful with the cashmere.



A beautiful blend of Blue Faced Leicster, Silk and Cashmere


My name for this collection came from the silk and cashmere blend, two blends of luxuriousness, so then was born our "Silkmere"

The main staple in this yarn is BFL , this yarn comes from the breed of sheep that gives it's name exactly how it is BFL. 

The Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) is a longwool breed of sheep which evolved from a breeding scheme of Robert Bakewell, in Dishley, Leicestershire in the eighteenth century.


First known as the Dishley Leicester, and then the Hexham Leicester, because of the prevalence of the breed in Northumberland, the name Bluefaced Leicester became known at the beginning of the 20th century. In the 1970s, the Bluefaced Leicester was exported to Canada from the United Kingdom. This breed is raised primarily for meat, but their fleece is becoming increasingly popular for handspinning and for Indie dyers


My inspiration for our color palette came from my travels to Lake Windermere in the beautiful Cumbria area. 


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