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We are moving!

Lowlander Yarn Studio

After a wonderful first 10 months in business we have outgrown our wee house and we are moving to a bigger place. We are so excited about our move and the new premises that will be the new home of Lowlanders.
It has been quite the roller coaster ride in our first year, I really should write a blog post on the ups and downs of the yarn shop. One would think that owning a yarn shop means beautiful yarns and lots of knitting, well beautiful yarn is true but lots of knitting is not so. I have knit less since we opened.

On the up side of owning a yarn shop, the people you meet along the way and many who have became close friends is just an amazing part of the yarn shop. We really are a community.

We so look forward to what the future holds for lowlanders and we have so many great ideas coming up in the next few months for the new place and cannot wait to to blog about it